Finding a Minority Scholarship May Be Easier Than You Might Think!

In this day and age, finding a minority scholarship is easier than ever! It all depends on a scholarship benefactor’s definition of minority. According to Peterson’s Scholarships guide you can be considered a minority if you are taller than 6’2” ( or if you design your prom dress out of duct tape ( Most consider minorities to be underrepresented ethnic groups, but really, it depends on the scholarship company’s definition. And if that’s so, the sky is really the limit!

Things to consider when finding a minority scholarship is your family’s economic status, your religious affiliations, where you live, and what your particular hobbies are. Even your potential major in college may have scholarships available. By this new definition of ‘minority’ virtually everyone will be considered a minority in some way, shape, or fashion.

Finding a Minority scholarship with Vigor!

The United Negro College Fund is by and large the most powerful minority education organization in the United States. Have a look at the united Negro College Fund website at, annually they allocate 3.3 billion dollars to African American students. African Americans are not the only ethnic group that has a powerful organization assisting promising students to further their education. The Hispanic American student also has an organization dedicated to offering students money for college. Check out, CHCI also offers a free list of scholarships internships and fellowships for Hispanic students. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation covers all of the ethnic groups by offering money for African Americans – check out Finding Great Scholarships for Black Women, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans to complete undergraduate and graduate degree programs at

Finding a Minority Scholarship to apply for:

There are many website dedicated to listing many scholarships available and the qualifications needed. Some of the more offbeat minority scholarships include the asparagus club scholarship, the duck calling contest, and the national potato council scholarship. (

The library will also have a listing in the reference section for all major universities and the scholarships that they are offering currently. They also list the contact information, criteria, and due dates/deadlines. Also speak with guidance counselors at various institutions (both collegiate and high school) as they often receive press releases and notices regarding new grants and scholarships that might be available to deserving and qualifying students.

Identify your Minority Group first when Finding a Minority Scholarship

Finding a minority scholarship doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as it sounds. With the reference lists available both in print and on the internet, the odds are in your favor for an award of some type. It is no secret that each year thousands of dollars go unclaimed because applicants did not hear about the scholarship, or they did not think that they qualified. The worst that could happen is that they turn you down, and the best that could happen is that your entire college career is fully funded. All it takes is as little elbow grease, time on the pavement in finding a minority scholarship and of course, a click of the mouse.

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