College Grants for Single Mothers

Being a parent is a very difficult aspect of life. This is true whether you are a single parent or married. Single moms will find this challenge much more difficult than married couples. This is because the responsibility of raising your child falls squarely on just you. Single mothers often have to combine work with raising their kids which is a very difficult task. You will have to combine day care, making sure they go to school and do their homework, providing theme with enough food, buy them clothes and toys, paying medical bills etc. Getting enough income to provide all these for your child is not easy. If you are a single mom wanting to return to school in order to acquire a better job and secure your future, you can tap into college grants for single mothers.

Grants for single moms aims to help single mothers out there who will struggle to afford college tuition on their own. Although these grants will not cater for the entire cost of a college education, it helps relief some of the burden of financing your education. For most students, the most headache about college education is being able to cover their tuition and books as well as accommodation. You may be able to find grants for single moms that will help you cover at least two of these. College grants and scholarships are similar in nature but have some unique differences. Student loans are a different kettle altogether
- College scholarships are awarded based chiefly on achievements, be it academic or non-academic achievements. Grants on the most part are based on need though there may be a couple of grants that are also awarded on merit.

  • College scholarships are awarded based chiefly on achievements, be it academic or non-academic achievements. Grants on the most part are based on need though there may be a couple of grants that are also awarded on merit.
  • The simplest definition of a student loan is that it is just a loan. Student loans will have to be paid back whiles you don’t have to pay back grants and scholarships. Though some grants and scholarships may have strings attached that may require you to perform certain duties after graduation.
  • Basically grants and scholarships are the best student finance options for single mothers as they are not required to be repaid after you graduate. It is free money and as a single mom, this will go a long way to helping you attend college.

You can find grants for single mothers from several different sources. The most popular options include:

  • Federal Government and State government grants for single moms.
  • The educational institutions themselves
  • Companies and Organizations such as Churches, financial institutions, Foundations etc.

Federal Grants For Single Mothers

Federal Grants are maybe the most popular source of obtaining grants for college. They are the most applied to source. To apply for any Federal government grant, an applicant must file their FAFSA application. You are advised to complete your FAFSA application as soon as application opens ( usually on January 1 of every year). Some grants may be exhausted so it is imperative that you submit your FAFSA early.

Some examples of Federal grants for single moms are listed below:

  • The Pell Grant. This is the most popular government grant available. It is purely based on a students need and awards range from as little as $450 to as much as $5,000. It takes into account the cost of your education and what your family can contribute to help.
  • The Federal Supplementation Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). This federal grant is also a need based grant. It is meant to cater for students with adverse financial need. It is awarded based on who is the most needy first until the funds are exhausted. It is there important that you complete your FAFSA early.

The above two are just examples and there are other many federal grants out there that single parents can access. It is important to talk to the financial adviser from whatever institution you want to attend to find out what options are available to you. You can also use the internet to find many other federal grants.

State Grants

Apart from Federal grants, state governments also run their own grants programs. Usually, the A single mother in College nees College Grantsmost basic qualification for such awards will require that you must be a resident of that state. You should be able to find information about available state grants and the qualification requirements from the state government’s website or by calling or visiting the state governments offices.

Grants from Educational Institutions

A lot of educational institutions such as colleges and universities have recognized the difficulties faced by single mothers. Because of this some colleges have established funds to help provide grants for single moms. They recognize the need for these single parents to have a better life in order to provide a better life for their kids.

Visit or talk to each college or university you are interested in attending to find out if they have any form of financial aid to help single mothers pay for the cost of their education. If they don’t have such programs, they will be helpful in providing you with information about where to find other sources of finance. Colleges and other educational institutions will also use the results of your FAFSA to evaluate your eligibility for grants so remember to file it before looking for grants.

Grants From Private Sources

There are private foundations and that can provide you with grants. Private institutions such as Churches, big corporations and non-profit organizations have grants that can be accessed by single moms. Check with your local churches, private companies for any such available aid. A financial aid counselor from your institution will also be able to provide you with a list of private sources of grants.

Grants from Work

Your employer may have in place grants to help its employees that want to go back to college. The military for example have several financial aid packages to help its members go back to school. You should look into this by talking to your employer.

Other Sources of Grants

Apart from sourcing grant for educational purposes, a single mother may also be able to to find other grants that help with general aspects of life such as housing and day to day expenses. Examples of such grants include:

  • The Public housing agencies (PHA). This agency can help you with your rent by subsidizing your month rent.
  • There are also organizations such as the Sunshine Lady Foundation that helps single moms who have just left an abusive relationship to get a fresh start in life.

There are bad nuts in every good thing. This industry is not immunized from scam. People looking for grants for single mothers should be vigilant and learn how to spot a scam. When anyone asks you for a fee in order to provide you with a grant, it is most likely a scam. Also when you are asked for money in order to guarantee that you will receive an award, it is also likely a scam.

Do your own research for grants. You can use the internet to find and apply for the grants you need. Also, you can visit the library and talk to the librarian. They will be able to point you to resources that you can use in your research.

Although they may not be so very easy to find, grants for single mothers are out there if you are ready to research them.

Taking care of children in today’s world is a big challenge and this challenge is much more magnified when you are a single mom. Finding grants for single mothers will greatly help in reducing the burden when you go back to school.

Although you may not find a single grant that will provide for your entire tuition, books and other educational expenses, it is possible to combine different grants from different sources to help absorb most of the costs. So go ahead and fight for that better career. Do your research and apply to all the college grants for single mothers out there you can find.

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