Using Social Media to Pay for College: Is It Possible?

There’s no denying that social media to pay for college is becoming the big new thing online, and although many of the old giants like MySpace might be falling to the wayside, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other newer sites will continue to find popularity, especially when it comes to using social media to pay for college.  Social media has grown in some interesting ways, with Crowdfunding Sites being the newest trend.  While so much focus is put on some of the newer sites, an online version of the “sparkly new object” ADD so many of us have nowadays, it’s important not to forget Google in all of this.  Aside from the obvious affiliate program of AdSense, students who can rank blogs up high may very well find they can fund their education off doing so.  These social media sites open up more opportunities than ever to make a business right out of the dorm room.

The Twitter revolution – Using Social media to pay for College

Twitter has taken off as a way that attention to a blog post, a comment, or even a Kindle e-book can take off.  While many conventional marketers have gone away from Twitter because it’s not easy to sell directly to people, that’s why so many younger kids like it.  Avoid the Google ads, and get little bits of digestible stories or news that you actually want to hear.  With some people having thousands or tens of thousands of followers, a small blog post or story can suddenly take off.  Add that with crowdsourcing money for college of some kind, a book, an e-book, any type of dorm room business and suddenly Twitter can help make enough to at least help on tuition!

Good old Google

Google directs traffic.  While that might seem oversimplified, the huge majority of search traffic still comes through Google.  There are several ways that a student might be able to use this to help pay for college.  Have they learned Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  Do they build a business, do something amazing, or get a blog that gets traffic?  Even beyond this, Google offers the ability for students to search for scholarships, grants, or even look for examples of dorm roomed based businesses that they can emulate.

Using Crowdfunding via Social media to Pay for College

Crowdfunding to generate money for college is a prime example of how social media  to pay off college can help online savvy students help pay for college, and in fact there are entire crowdsourcing financial aid from sites dedicated solely to funding college students.  There are a couple very different ways that crowdfunding sites are giving people opportunities to help students pay for college.  One of the most common is a donation based system.  Students can create a profile, talk about their major, dreams, goals, and people can simply donate to the student they choose.  There are also some crowdfunding sites that allow for a student to get a set amount, often after graduating (such as enough to pay off student loans) and in exchange the “investor” gets a percentage of the graduate’s take home income over the next 10 years. Here some more ways to secure Non-Traditional Student Scholarships.

What exactly is Crowdfunding? This is an interesting development in social media and gives a new level of opportunity for students to use this social media to pay for collegeTweating has more of a boom or bust potential, while Google remains reliable not only for finding good crowdsourcing money for college options, but also for coming up with a wide range of ideas for how to help pay for college.

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