Grants, Prizes and Scholarships for High School Seniors

Each year more and more scholarships for high school seniors are made available for those getting ready to graduate from American public and private schools. Equally as true is the fact that most of that money will go unclaimed. Why?

By and large grants, prizes and scholarships for high school seniors are among the most common types of monetary awards for those whose goals include a college education. With the current economic trends limiting and severely cutting back the federal loan amounts to students, these scholarships can really help achieve higher education goals. Many of them allow you to enter prior to the senior year making the gathering of funds even easier. Even a small amount of effort on the potential collegiate goer’s part can yield big returns.

Scholarships for High school seniors going to College

The Army ROTC programs (Green to Gold) offer scholarships for 2-4 years for active duty enlisted personnel. The lowest dollar amount is 10,000 with the largest dollar amount being just over 100k. The Intel Science talent search as well as Siemens Competitions offers almost as much money, but you don’t have to be enlisted or plan to join the armed forces. They award forty such scholarships for high school seniors.

Perhaps you aren’t the outdoorsy type and prefer indoor arts instead? Then the culinary arts program cooking competition might be for you. More than 50 scholarships are awarded each year totaling 90k. And if you have been an outstanding community service leader, or a leader in some student lead group in school, there’s an award for you, too. The Terry Foundation Scholarship offers over 600 scholarships each year, each worth 70k (the catch is that you have to live in Texas).

If music is your gift, then there are countless scholarships for you, too. The Elisabeth competition each year offers thousands of dollars for those whose talent is music and/or singing. If you like to dance, or act, or have a penchant for being the next Steven Spielberg, then the Princess Grace Awards would be a good place to start looking for scholarship money for high school seniors.

Florida offers a wide range of scholarships for their high school seniors, ranging from electronics, aviation, music, and academics.

Scholarships for high school seniors, defined:

What are the best sources for scholarships for High School Seniors, anyway? It seems pretty straightforward, but often it is not. In the simplest sense, a scholarship is an outright gift of money to eligible students to help them attend the university of their choice. The money is applied either to tuition, books, or cost of living while in school. These types of Scholarships for High School Seniors do NOT have to be repaid. However, most scholarships have strings attached. Students must maintain certain standards (such as grades) in order to continue to receive the funding.  Many are combined with work-study programs where a student must also donate some ‘sweat equity’ in a field that is aligned with their chosen major.

Finding Scholarships for High School Seniors can be a daunting task, but one that will pay off in the long run. Keep an eye on deadlines, apply to all of those that you might be eligible for, begin your search early, and enjoy the rewards that come from your diligence.

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