Learning From College Essay Examples

It is not just your grades and SAT scores that matter when you apply to college. Some of these College essay examples are a key component of your admission application because it gives your evaluators a sense of who you are and your ambitions in life. The way an individual crafts a sentence can also convey a great deal about the person’s general literacy level. What an applicant chooses to write about also reveals a great deal about character, ambition and general outlook on life.

Although it is absolutely crucial that you write an original essay with your unique take on life it is okay to

examine sample college essays

to see how they are written. This is a wonderful way to learn how to craft them structurally. By studying college essay examples you can learn a great deal about how to write an introduction to your topic and craft a middle and an ending that keeps the evaluators’ eyes on the paper until the very end. It is very important that your essay shows a solid structure because it is indicative a brain that is able to organize information and think very clearly.

If you are studying college essay examples it is very important not to plagiarize them. The well-known sample college essays that are on the internet are also very familiar to evaluators’ of your material. Felecia Hatcher’s book, The C Student’s Guide to Scholarships, indicates that more than one billion dollars goes unclaimed each year. Why? People don’t want to spend the time or the legwork to find them, and many simply don’t want to write the essay that is required.

There are many classic essays that have been written that are posted online by the universities and colleges themselves. For instance the John Hopkins University Office of Admissions has a section on its website that posts “college essays that have worked.” One of the more interesting places on the New York Times site is abut college essays that have sabotaged a student’s entry into college.

Once you have read quite a few

winning sample college essays

. it is time to work on your own. Start off by making sure that you are telling an interesting story that draws the reader into your narrative. Follow this up with an analysis of your five best qualities. Do not be afraid to be a bit egotistical as it is usually the students with high self-esteem and a lot of confidence that shine. Another component of a successful essay is letting the readers know how much you have learned so much in life. Make an effort to let them know how your life-defining moments so far have urged you to follow a certain academic course or career path.

You can write the most brilliant college essay in history but it will be completely dismissed if it has spelling errors in it. Be sure to use your computer spell check to thoroughly check your final essay. However, don’t stop there! Make sure you print the document out and proof-read it for errors by eye. Then give it to a good friend or professional editor and ask her or him to do the same. The reason it is so important to print it out is that proofing mistakes can be hard to catch just by looking at the computer. These College essay examples should be of great benefit to any student looking to write a better essay.

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