ACS Loans in 2013

ACS, which boasts the motto “expertise in action” is a lender for money for college that also supplies a platform for managing any student loans.

ACS loans

also provides client care and repayment options for bank loans, private education loans and Federal Family Education Loans. The company processes your payments and keeps them organized as well as sends you an email reminding you that a payment is due.

Recent reports state that borrowing for college outstrips credit card debt. The actual numbers listed report that by 2012 student loan debt reached nearly $1 trillion sur­passing credit card debt of $693 billion. So apply for loans wisely and work with ACS loans to have a specific plan for repayment once you graduate.

The qualifications for ACS loans are very specific

You must be African-American, Indigenous Indian or Hispanic/Latino and you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. residents. The money for college is only given to students who are studying in the disciplines of science and chemistry. The maximum amount that is given to any one student is $5000 per year. When the academic year is up, the student may also apply to renew the loan.

The qualifications for ACS loans is also based on very high academic standards. Priority is given to those who can demonstrate financial need according to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for (FAFSA) and the Student Aid Report (SAR). A professional academic Selection Committee that uses a point system to help rate the best candidates for the loans reviews the applications. Criteria used by the selection commit include a consideration of academic record, leadership qualities, participation in extra-curricular activities, clarity of career objectives and the student’s involvements in community service.

The deadline is usually on a date in March or April and recipients are notified of the results in early June. The actual money is sent directly to the financial aid offices of where the winning candidate is going to school. It is usually sent by cheque in either July or December and made payable to both the student and the award recipient.

The technical aspects of the ACS loans

These ACS Loans user platform are also quite impressive. There is a mobile web app that allows you to make a payment on the spot from your tablet or cell phone. ACS loans also has a free online payment using a feature called ExpressPay. Student loan payments can also be made using Checkmate II and Go Paperless. Changing your address and phone number can be done online and you can also sign of your documents using an e-Signature. Once you have made a payment you will receive a notification that the payment is being processed so there is no margin for error when it comes to making sure your loan repayment status is in good standing. If it is not in good standing you can also find forms online that help process loan forgiveness and discharge requests.

It is important to note that even though it seems like pre-med programs or pharmacy programs should be qualifications for ACS loans they are not. The main qualification is that you be a high school or college freshmen already majoring in or intending to major in chemical technology, chemical engineering, biochemistry and general chemistry.

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