More College Grants for Single Moms

You don’t need to struggle to raise money for college tuition if you are a mom raising kids on her own because there are all kinds of grants for single moms to help pay for costs. The great thing about these college grants for single mothers is that they can really help the individual who feels stranded by fate take control of her life A college degree almost always leads to a degree that can help her get a job with a higher income. In fact, applying for all of the single mother grants that you can and then going to school to train for a better job is a good way to climb out of a social and financial rut.

It is a mistake to think of grants for single moms as handouts. In fact, a lot of this funding is contingent on how well you do on academic tests. Some grants might be awarded because you excel at a non-academic achievement such as sports. Some grants might also come with contingencies that require you to fulfill an internship or a certain amount of placed hours at a work place.

Single mother loans are not to be confused with single mother grants. You will always have to pay a loan back but often you are given a break with regards to the interest rate. You may pay a lower interest rate, no interest at all or be given a grace period before you have to pay it back. Some lenders start charging interest on the day you graduate but do not charge interest as long as you stay enrolled in school.

Both federal and state governments are good sources of college grants for single mothers as are the actual educational institutions that you are applying to. It is also a good idea to explore your connections to church groups, organizations, foundations and financial institutions as very often they have special grants or loans that can benefit mothers who are trying to raise money for their tuition.

The main source of federal grants for single mothers is the Pell grant that is solely based on the amount of need that you are in. The amount is calculated according to what your education is going to cost and your eligibility is also determined by how much you can contribute to your education. The Federals Supplementation Education Grant is also an outright source of funding however the money is given to those who apply first and who is in the most need making the FSEOG a good one to apply to early. Some sources of state funding work in a similar way with sometimes the only requirement being that you live in the state where you are going to school.

Some sources of funding for grants for single mothers can come from unlikely places. For instance the Public Housing Agencies might help cover your rent and organizations such as the Sunshine Lady Foundation might help women who are trying to leave abusive relationships create a new and improved life.

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