More Scholarships for High School Seniors

These specific scholarships are readily available for those who need financial assistance to go to college or university. It is often a matter of doing research about which type of scholarship for high school seniors is right for the student’s particular situation.

There are three different types of scholarships for high school seniors. They are not loans, but rather, grants that do not have to be paid back if you comply with the conditions of bestowal. These grants for students include merit-based and need-based types of scholarships designed for seniors in high school.

There are no real easy scholarships for high school seniors. Even the ones that seem effortless usually have terms that must be kept in order for you to keep receiving the money.  Common conditions asked include keeping your grades up to a certain pre-determined GPA, attending all classes and proof that you have enrolled in a specific program.  Money is not just handed to anyone who is looking for funding for post secondary school education.  The ambitious student needs to do some research and find out what kind of funding he or she is most eligible.

The merit-based scholarship is usually based on academic excellence.  If a student achieves high scores on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT examinations then he or she may be eligible for this type of financial assistance. You might also be asked to submit an essay or participate in a competition in which the winning students are awarded prize money.  Examples are the Siemens Competition in Mathematics, Science and Technology, the Fountainhead Essay contest and the Coca Cola Scholars Program.

Need-based grants also require the student to have a minimum level of academic achievement as well as demonstrate financial duress.  In the United States, this type of scholarship for high school seniors is usually offered through two federal programs: the Pell Grant program and the Federal Supplemental Education.  Most states also have funding to assist students in need.

Among the easy scholarships for high school seniors that can be obtained are those based on association. These scholarships come from the connections that you have in your life including your employer and membership in clubs, groups, unions and church groups.  Your parents or a relative might also be involved in a club or association that gathers money to give to a student in need.  Many of these types of scholarships are based on need or grades but they also could be quite simply handed out to all applicants that apply.

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