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The McDonalds scholarships are generous grants for students who are also employees of McDonalds. The McDonalds scholarship is based on how well the student is doing as an employee of McDonald’s. Each state selects a high school senior who works at the fast food restaurant and then awards them $2,500. There is also $5,000 available for each top employee, so three students will walk away with McDonalds scholarships worth $7,500.

The information on McDonalds scholarships 2013

Those wanting to apply for funding must have a work history with McDonald’s Restaurants for at least four months. Another condition is that applicants must have worked at least 15 hours each week, so if you only work four hours or so, then you would not be eligible for McDonalds scholarships. The strategy, then, would be to work for McDonalds for at least 6 months, putting in at least 15-20 hours a week. The payoff could be worth it.

Another condition of a McDonalds scholarship 2013 is that you must plan to enroll in an accredited institution. This means that many of the online schools (which are by and large not accredited) would not be considered as part of the criteria for a McDonalds Scholarship in 2013. You must also be a high school senior or a college student that is currently enrolled and who intends to return during the following 2013 and 2014 semesters. So, rule of thumb is to go to school and plan to stay in school.

There are actually two McDonalds scholarships. The first is for exceptional employees and the second is for exceptional students. The one for exceptional students is known as the McScholar. Each year the Ronald McDonald House Charities offer a number of McDonalds scholarships to a large group of students throughout the country, and report that since 1985 it has awarded more than 37 million dollars.

The criteria for the McScholars scholarship is that the applicant be under the age of 21 with at least a 2.7 GPA and demonstrated financial need. This award celebrates the whole student and will include scholastic record, community service, work performance and is open to all who qualify. If you happen to be of Hispanic heritage you can submit a personal statement about your cultural background, career goals and community commitment to the proper chapter.  A McDonalds Scholarship can be a higher dollar amount.

The most important thing to remember about a McDonalds scholarships

You cannot apply for it if you have quit your job. You must apply for the scholarship while you are still employed and going to school. Ideally, one would work for McDonalds the junior and senior year, and apply at some point during the senior year. It is quite easy to make this error as many people quit their part-time job to get ready for school without paying close attention to the rules or deadline. In 2013 the deadline was from January 1 to March 1st. This deadline repeats every year for these Mcdonalds scholarships in 2013.

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