Ideas for College Essay Topics

If you are making an application to a competition for funding or an application to a college to get into their program then you might be wondering which college essay topics best suit your situation. It is important that you find out if college essay prompts are assigned to you because this could affect how you represent yourself on paper. Keep in mind that this is your sole chance to talk about yourself and describe why you are the ideal candidate to be accepted at the college.

No matter what college essay prompts are assigned to you it is important to remember that you must construct a story that truly and accurately represents who you are. If you are choosing your own essay subject it is equally important to choose a topic that is unique and that also suits you. The reason essay topics for college are so important is because they really are an indication of your character. A good way to look at a topic choice is to consider it to be the branding of your identity to an audience of readers who have yet to meet you.

A good way to approach the matter of finding essay topics for college is to give yourself a bit of an interview. Pretend you are another person and question yourself. What is the most important thing to you in life? What situations have had a positive impact on your life? Is there an experience, life-defining moment or even a hobby or obsession that has made you who you are today?

It is also a good idea to consider college essay topics that are unique and interesting. Avoid topics that have been done many times before by other applicants or that seem cliché or stale. Look to your own challenges and difficulties in the past as well as your hopes and aspirations for the future and see if you can find fodder for your essay from that. Make it personal and shy away from trying to impress by discussing topics that seem lofty but that you actually know very little about.

If you are stuck while trying to write essay topics for college then try free-associating. Simply take out a blank piece of paper and write whatever comes into your head. Writing ideas are found everywhere in your personal life. Do you have a mentor that influenced you to choose your career path? This could be a teacher, a relative, a coach, a celebrity or even a character from fiction.

Sometimes, great college essay topics are related to hobbies or extracurricular activities that you intend to turn into a lucrative career as the result of your studies. Sometimes it is community work that helps shape a desire to follow a certain type of career. For instance, the candy striper at the hospital may be aspiring to be a doctor and the volunteer at Habitat for Humanity might aspire to become an architect. Your success lies completely in your ability to brand yourself and nicely express your ambitions whether you are assigned an essay topic to write about or not.

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